Let's have some fun with fries!
  Spud Fry is here to save the day!
We’ve rescued the french fry potato from the couch, and given it some life! Made from 100% Russet potato flakes, our specially formulated Spud Fry potato mix gives whole new meanings to simplicity and fun… Simple because the dehydrated product requires no frozen distribution or frozen warehousing. Fun, because our very own Spud Fry machine can use various cutting die plates to produce different french fry shapes. Looking for a holiday symbol to spice up the season? How about a favorite mascot, or cartoon character? And because it’s a dry mix, seasonings can be added prior to frying. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Endless Opportunities
Our small Spud Fry machine sits easily on a table top, kiosk, or vendor cart. We purposely created a simple, manual machine that does not require electricity or complex replacement parts. Together with our special Spud Fry potato mix, the opportunities are endless. From shopping malls to office buildings, food courts, airports, amusement parks, sporting arenas, cinemas, those out of the way street vendor locations…phew…once again, the possibilities are endless!
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