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  About Us
Spud Fry, LLC was started by the same great family who founded Pacific Valley Foods in Bellevue, Washington in 1975. This is the true story of how Spud Fry was born.

Years ago while visiting our international customers in Asia, we recognized a great need for a less expensive french fry snack. Many of our new customers were located in regions that weren’t always easily accessible for frozen products. Never a company to be accused of being couch potatoes, we decided to put our creative thinking caps on and give what our customers wanted.

Living up to his name as “mad scientist”, CEO of Spud Fry, LLC Scott Hannah, went to work in the kitchen. With flakes from the finest quality Northwest Russet potatoes, day and night Scott worked on coming up with the perfect dehydrated potato mix, that when combined with water, would make a great french fry. Something cheaper than frozen, easy to distribute, simple, and unique.

 Also in the business, son John and daughter Susan, thought he was slightly nuts (again), but finally agreed they were on to something big. Co-owner (and wife) Lynn…well, along with half the city of Bellevue, she sampled many different potato blends at home. But this is only half our story. You may be wondering how a dehydrated potato mix becomes a french fry. We weren’t just happy creating our own special product. We needed to invent a machine that would take the potato mix and water, and crank out french fries! It had to be simple and easy to operate, with no electrical parts. After all, why take the time and energy to create a simple mix, but then use a complex machine to make the product!! Never one to make things easy, Scott also wanted to be able to make french fried shapes, not just the typical straight cut french fry. Offer the customer options, he always said. We’ll give them what the other guys can’t. Days turned into months, months turned into years. John, Susan, Lynn, and the other employees scratched their heads in question. Could this really all come together? But a really good story always has a happy ending. Ultimately, we pulled together and created the most delicious, crispy french fried snacks imaginable. And along the way we invented our easy to operate, simple machine to make that great product.

And that’s the story of Spud Fry. To learn more about the product and machine, please go to our Products page.
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