Let's have some fun with fries!
  The Spud Fry Product
Our creative team has come up with a french fry snack that will save the day. No frozen distribution or frozen warehousing means reducing costs! You only need to compare some of the numbers to understand why this product offers so much;

• Yield per case of frozen french fries is about 62.5% (based on a 6/4.5 lb case for frozen). Yield per case of Spud Fry is about 76%. (based on a 10/750 gram case)

• Servings per case (after cooking) is approximately 90 for frozen fries. Servings per case of Spud Fry is about 201 (based on a single 85 gram serving)

• Delivered cost of Spud Fry is about 35% cheaper than frozen.

Ok, so how do you get a delicious french fry snack from a dehydrated mix? Simply combine 1500 ml of water with 750 grams of mix in the cylinder from our machine. Our potato “dough” can then be pressed down in the cylinder and through the cutting die plate of your choice. We like to give people variety. Whether it’s a holiday shape, favorite mascot, or simply the straight cut of a shoestring fry, you can custom order the die plate. The cut fry snack is then ready to deep fry in oil, and well…you know what comes next. A product so delicious, you’ve got to have another. The product can be stored in a refrigerator overnight, and used the following day. Unopened, the dry mix has a shelf life of approximately one year in cool, ventilated storage.

The Machine
So now it’s probably clear. You can’t make our delicious Spud Fry snack without our machine. The two go hand in hand. Like Sonny and Cher, Batman and Robin, Ping and Pong. From the legs to the top of the hand crank, our machine sits about two feet tall. Easy for a table top, kiosk, or vendor cart. No electrical parts mean no confinement to an outlet. Remove the cylinder from the machine, attach the plastic cap, and fill with measured water. Pour in one bag of Spud Fry mix and stir. After a few minutes, remove the cap and replace the cylinder back in the machine. A simple turn of the hand crank pushes the plunger down on the dough and through the cutting plate. With a thin wire located underneath, a quick pull of the tray slices off the french fries, or dolphins, or smiley faces, or whatever shapes you have chosen with your custom die plate. It’s now ready for frying. That’s it. Yes, it really is that simple. If you would like additional information on the product or machine, please fill in the information on the contact page.
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